The Story Of Neha Bhosle, Cracking CAT With 99% And Then UPSC

Neha Bhosle

We have all heard of someone who tried their hand at UPSC. It is considered not only the toughest exam in India but the entire world. Thousands of people attempt to crack the exam. But only a few ever succeed.

Also, there are many underprivileged students in the country. They try to crack the exam and fail, but they keep trying. And then they succeed despite all the struggles and hurdles.

Today, we are going to discuss the story of one such person. An exceptionally intelligent person who cracked not one, but two very tough exams. Now, IAS Neha Bhosle is Assistant Collector and PO, ITDP- Kinwat, Nanded, Maharashtra.

Neha Bhosle Education

Neha Bhosle grew up in Mumbai. She always liked studying and focused on her academics. When she reached Class 11 and 12, she chose Science as her field of study. Later, she went on to get a degree in Engineering from Mumbai University. Also, she was always very studious right from the beginning.

A Stint with Management

After finishing her engineering degree, Neha Bhosle took the Common Admission Test (CAT) and achieved an impressive percentile of 99.36. This allowed her to secure a spot at the prestigious IIM Lucknow to pursue an MBA degree.

Following her MBA, Bhosle gained three years of work experience at a big Indian company. Also, this shows her interest in achieving higher education.

The Journey of UPSC

While working, Neha Bhosle developed an interest in clearing the UPSC Civil Services Examination (CSE). She began preparing for the exam and made her first attempt in 2017 while working full-time at a company.

Unfortunately, she didn’t clear the IAS exam on her first try. However, she remained determined and decided to work harder to succeed in the exam. Also, this shows her intense determination to crack the exam.

After her initial attempt, Neha made a decision to quit her job in 2017 to focus entirely on her studies. She persevered and successfully cracked the UPSC Civil Services Examination (CSE) in 2019 on her third try, achieving an All India rank (AIR) of 15.

Now, Neha Bhosle serves as an IAS officer and holds the position of Assistant Collector and PO, ITDP- Kinwat, Nanded, Maharashtra.

Advice for Aspirants By Neha Bhosle

According to Neha, if you dedicate a few years to preparing for UPSC with passion, you can definitely succeed. She emphasizes the importance of adopting the right strategy and mastering time management. Neha adds that success is possible if you prepare well at the right time and in the right direction.


In her blog (Blog By Neha Bhosle), Neha Bhosle shares that after she couldn’t crack the UPSC examination, she made a decision to quit her job in 2017. She devoted all her time and effort to preparing for the next attempt.

Finally, on her third try in 2019, she successfully cracked the examination. Also, this path is not very easy. Many people try and fail to achieve good marks in UPSC. At the same time, many do get through the exam and end up in their dream career.

Another Success Story

The UPSC 2018 results came as a surprise to Kanishak Kataria, an IIT alumnus, as he secured the first rank on his very first attempt! Despite being confident about his preparation, he didn’t expect to achieve the top rank.

What’s remarkable about his story is that he chose to leave a high-paying job abroad, where he earned almost one crore as a salary, in order to pursue his dream of becoming an IAS officer and serving the country and its people.

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