Gucchi Mushrooms – Know Everything About The World’s Most Expensive Fungus

Gucchi Mushrooms - Know Everything About The World’s Most Expensive Fungus

Mushrooms are always a unique thing to look at. Whether it’s the texture, the flavor, the colors, or the taste, there are simply lots of things to appreciate about mushrooms. In fact, it goes without saying that mushrooms are one of the best vegan sources of Vitamin D as well.

So, from Button mushrooms to Shiitake, there are different varieties of mushrooms available. However, it’s also worth mentioning that there are poisonous mushrooms as well that we should never eat.

Now, people have discovered a new variety of mushrooms in the foothills and Himalayas. So, this new variety of mushrooms is not only edible but also incredibly mushroom. Yes, we are talking about the trending Gucchi Mushrooms.

According to social media, the roasted Gucchi mushrooms are priced between 30,000 to 40,000 INR per Kilogram. If you want to know more about these Gucchi mushrooms, then you are at the right place.

So, in this article, we shall explain everything you need to know about the Gucchi mushroom, from its taste to its health benefits.

How Does Gucchi Mushroom Taste Like?

If you are curious about what this most expensive variety of mushrooms tastes like, then you ought to know this for sure. According to those who tasted it, this type of mushroom has a spongy texture.

Moreover, they also have a honeycomb head and a flavor that’s quite savory. Furthermore, it’s also worth noting that these mushrooms actually come from the family of Morchellaceae of Ascomycota.

It looks pale yellow in color and these mushrooms have ridges and pits on the cap portion. Moreover, it also has a large white steam. If you want to eat Gucchi mushrooms, then you can eat them stir-fried or also as kebabs. The earthy flavor of these mushrooms also makes them a great addition to Pulao.

Gucchi Mushrooms

Where To Find Gucchi Mushrooms?

So, as we mentioned earlier, Gucchi mushrooms are the most expensive variety of mushrooms ever. They are priced at a whopping 30k rupees per kilogram. Moreover, you can only find these mushrooms in India.

So, the Gucchi mushrooms generally grow in clusters on decaying wood and logs. Moreover, they are also cultivated usually in Himachal Pradesh, Jammu Kashmir, and Uttarakhand.

Rich in minerals, vitamin D, copper, and iron, these mushrooms have a lot of health benefits. Overall, you can find Gucchi mushrooms in India.

The Health Benefits Of Gucchi Mushrooms

Not everyone may like mushrooms but you cannot deny the nutritional value they bring to the table. Especially if you are following a vegan diet, then eating mushrooms is one of the best things for sure in terms of health.

So, as we mentioned earlier in this article, Mushrooms are high in Vitamin D and fiber. Therefore, Gucchi mushrooms also have a high level of Vitamin D and fiber in them.

In addition, just like any other mushroom variety, Gucchi Mushrooms also have potassium, B-Vitamins, antioxidants, and other elements like copper.

In fact, if you consult a doctor, then they’d also tell you that eating mushrooms can be an excellent option for people with diabetes and heart diseases.

Since they release oxidative stress that can harm our bodies, we should definitely include mushrooms in our diet chart. Even though Gucchi mushrooms are quite expensive, you just cannot go wrong in terms of the flavor and health benefits.


So, that’s it for the Gucchi Mushrooms. If you are planning to buy this unique variety of mushrooms, then you are in for a treat. Just slice them in half, sear them on high heat, and eat a mouthful.

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