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Charles Archibald Laurie Biography

Charles Archibald Laurie is the name of Hugh Laurie’s son. He is currently 34 years old, and a minor celebrity in his own right. Now fame often runs in the family. This is what we realized when we took a look at his profile.

Apparently, Charles recorded an acting role when he was just one year old. And since his debut, we haven’t really seen a lot about his life. Now that is a wise decision, because Charles keeps his private life away from the media glare like many other sensible people.

Birth And Early Life Of Charles Archibald Laurie

Now, how old is Charles Archibald Laurie really? Records show he was born in the year 1988, November 18, which makes him 34 years old. He has English nationality, though his ethnic background is said to be mixed.

His father, for example, comes from a Scottish background. Also, his mother herself is an Ashkenazi Jew. Now that makes for some really diverse ethnicities.

Furthermore, when Christopher was born, his father chose the legendary Stephen Fry to be his godfather. Also, he had a nice education at Eton but further details are not known at this juncture.

A Famous Father

Hugh Laurie

As we mentioned earlier, success and talent runs in the family. Father of Charles Archibald Laurie, Hugh Laurie, is a very famous actor, comedian, musician and vocalist. Also, he is an author.

Hugh was born on June 11, 1959, in Oxford, Oxfordshire. His parents were Ryan and Patricia Laurie. He was pretty privileged as well as his background.

However, he graduated from Eton College in 1981 with a third class in archeology and anthropology. A really stellar path to success and great things in life.

Before stepping into the world of acting, Hugh was a rowing athlete and won a lot of titles. This is before glandular fever put paid to his dreams of becoming a famous champion just like his father. But the world of acting beckoned, and Hugh joined it not soon afterwards.

Collaboration with Stephen Fry

Stephen Fry

It was in Eton that Hugh met Stephen Fry and both became a hilarious comedy double. They started doing exploits in the world of comedy and soon started gaining a lot of fame in the entertainment circuit.

Also, Hugh landed a major role in the comedy series, House. He played the major character there. This gave him a lot of success and popularity. However, it was a good time for him to carry on with some new venture.

People witnessed a lot of Fry and Laurie’s gigs in subsequent TV shows. The BBC showcased a lot of them in the series called A Bit of Fry and Laurie, Jeeves and Wooster, and Blackadder.

Laurie has also appeared in a lot of popular movies over the years like 101 Dalmatians, Sense and Sensibility and The Man in the Iron Mask. Now that is what we call a multi-talented man.

Apart from his series and movies, High is also a popular musician and a good pianist. Also, Charles Archibald inherited some of it.

Charles Archibald Laurie Mother Is A Theatre Administrator

Mother of Charles Archibald Laurie

Well, we saw this one coming from a long way off. Mother of Charles Archibald Laurie is a theater practitioner. Her name is Jo Green and she works in the world of theater. Now, not much is known about Jo Green.

We can only confirm the fact that she belongs to Ashkenazi Jewish heritage. That is the only bit of personal information that slipped out to the public.

Also, she used to work in the business in the 1970s and 1980s. As of now, we have no way of knowing whether she still works in the scene or not.

Charles Archibald Laurie Siblings

Charles Archibald Laurie Siblings

By no means is Charles Archibald Laurie the only son of his famous parents. They have a whole set of children. Which means Charles has siblings who are as intelligent and hardworking as himself.

Charles Archibald Laurie younger brother’s name is William Albert Laurie. His family calls him Bill out of love. William is younger than his brother by three years. Also, he got a chance to play a role in his father’s situational comedy series called Fortysomething.

Now that is called some really nice platform. Being a comedian’s son and also getting a role in the family business. Novel.

What’s more, Charles also has a second sibling. She is a girl, and her name is Rebecca Augusta Laurie. She was born in 1992. Also, she takes after the rest of the brood in a very surprising way.

Rebecca is four years younger than Charles. And like her siblings, she also tried her hand at acting at least once in her life. There is a movie called Wit which stars her legendary father Hugh.

Now in that movie, Rebecca played a role. It was not a very major character. She got the role of a five year old child named Vivian.

Charles Archibald Laurie Grandparents

Charles Archibald Laurie Grandparents

Charles also has grandparents who dipped their toes in the entertainment business as well. Well, not completely. His grandfather, Ryan Laurie, was a rowing champion. Also, he was a physician during his younger years.

He has a rather vibrant family life and at the same time, he has an uncle and an aunt. What’s more, it is said Charles is named after his uncle, who is called Charles Alexander Lyon Mundell Laurie.

As we can see, Charles has a very good relationship with his family. It is rather essential for a young man of his age.

He Was Born Out Of Wedlock

Now this is a bit of a scandal. Did you know Charles Laurie was born out of wedlock? This means they were not married at the time of his birth. Charles was at least eight months old when Hugh and Laurie decided to tie the knot and make things official.

Even now, the details of their wedding are not publicly or readily available. But we do know that they held the ceremony in Camden County, very much in London.

Three years after they had become man and wife, the couple welcomed their second child, Bill. Rebecca was not too far behind.

Charles Archibald Laurie Career

Charles Archibald Laurie

What exactly he does to earn a living is not yet public to the fullest extent. What we do know is that he shuns public attention to the fullest.

However, one tidbit of information available about him is that Charles Archibald Laurie played a small part in his father’s production, A Bit of Fry and Laurie. He played the role of Baby William in it. What’s more, Hugh and Charles share some rather remarkable physical features.

Now we will definitely update the relevant sections as and when more information becomes available to us. Until then, suffice it to say this tidbit of information is enough to satisfy more curious readers.

Charles Archibald Laurie Wealth

It is quite obvious that Charles Archibald Laurie come from a wealthy family, Charles Laurie also has a lot of money. He has a home in England and a home in America as well. Also, the family owns a house in London’s Belsize Park worth $3.38 million.

His father is an avid motorcyclist and also owns several bikes. Thus, we can say Charles is quite a rich celebrity kid. All that remains to be seen if he makes some name for himself. So far, it has been his father’s money.

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