Sherhonda Gaulden Biography: Net Worth, Early Life, Career, Personal Life, & More

Sherhonda Gaulden Biography

Sherhonda Gaulden is quite famous in the country for being a US standup Comedian, social media star, Tiktok star, and rapper. Moreover, it’s worth noting that she has earned a reputation for being the son of the famous US rapper, NBA Youngboy.

So, throughout her career as a comedian, rapper, and social media celebrity, Sherhonda has earned a lot of reputation. If you want to know about the life facts of Sherhonda, then you are at the right place.

So, in this article, we shall provide you with all the facts you need to know about NBA Youngboy’s mother, Sherhonda. For example, we will share details concerning her net worth, assets, biography facts, and other details. So, now’s the time to go through this article and check out Sherhonda’s life.

Net Worth Of Sherhonda

So, Sherhonda Gaulden, a famous US rapper, standup comedian, and the mother of NBA Youngboy, enjoys a net worth of around $500k USD. Moreover, a lot of online sources also confirm her net worth.

So, there’s no denying the fact that she has earned her net worth through her career as a rapper and stand-up comedian. If you want to know more about Sherhonda’s net worth and other facts, then check out the table below.

Name Sherhonda Gaulden
Net Worth 2023 $500,000
Profession Rapper, Stand-up Comedian, Social Media Star
Last Updated 2023

Assets Of Sherhonda Gaulden

If you want to know about Sherhonda Gaulden assets, then you are at the right place. So, according to the internet facts, she lives in a luxurious house with her family.

Moreover, she also has a few luxury rides in her garage. Though she hasn’t specifically mentioned her assets, we can pretty much guess that she has a lot of branded & luxurious items.

How Does Sherhonda Spend Her Money?

So, as we mentioned earlier, Sherhonda is a celebrity rapper & the mother of a famous rapper in the US, NBA Youngboy. This is the reason why she has a lot of money to spend. However, she hasn’t mentioned her spending habits.

But, from the internet sources, we can guess that she spends a lot of money on luxury goods. In addition, she also has a huge house and a lot of cars. In addition, she also buys makeup products, branded handbags, and other items.

House Of Sherhonda

So, as we noted before, NBA Youngboy’s mother, Sherhonda has a huge house in Texas. Currently, she lives with her son in her home. However, recently, SWAT Officers raided her home and three people were also arrested on robbery charges. But the police didn’t arrest Youngboy or her mother.

There are also reports that she alleged that it was her son who called the cops on her and that her son NBA Youngboy kicked her out of the house. However, we do have no concrete piece of evidence to support this remark by Sherhonda.

Early Life & Childhood Of Sherhonda

If you want to know about the early life and childhood of Sherhonda, then you are at the right place. So, according to the sources, NBA Youngboy’s mother, Sherhonda was born in the year 1974, on the 9th of October, in Baton Rogue, Louisiana, USA.

So, that’s why, we can say that as of 2023, Sherhonda is around 48 years old. Based on her birthdate, Sherhonda’s zodiac sign is Libra.

Not much is known about Sherhonda’s childhood because she likes to lead a private life. Even though she is a social media celebrity, she hasn’t mentioned a lot of details about her private affairs. However, we do know that she is a married woman and the mother of the famous NBA Youngboy.

There are no details available about Sherhonda’s school life or educational phase. However, it’s probable that she went to a local private school in Brand Rogue, Louisiana, USA. In fact, it’s also not clear whether she went to a college or University.

How Does Sherhonda Gaulden Look?

Let us tell you that NBA Youngboy’s mother, Sherhonda Gaulden is around 5ft 5 inches tall and weighs around 60 kilograms. She also looks fabulous in her lengthy black hair.

Personal Life Of Sherhonda: Family, Husband, Children

While there is no info available about Sherhonda’s own parents, we do have details about her family. So, let us tell you that Sherhonda’s husband was sentenced to jail for 55 years in the year 2007 for robbery.

After that, in 2015, Sherhonda once again remarried a chef whose name is Joseph Ross. However, there are no pieces of information available about them currently. It’s possible that they live together in Brand Rogue together now.

Children Of Sherhodna

If you want to know about the children of Sherhonda, you are at the right place. So, let us tell you that Sherhonda has two sons and a daughter in her life. The names of her children are NBA Youngboy, Ken Gaulden, and Teele Gaulden.

According to the reports, Sherhonda’s son NBA Youngboy has earned fame as a rapper. However, he has also found himself under serious controversies. In fact, even though he is not married yet, he has eight kids with six different women in his life. If you want to know about Ken, then not much info is known about him.

On the other hand, let us tell you that Sherhonda’s daughter, Teele Gaulden is famous as the first child of Sherhonda. In other words, she is the older sister of the US rapper NBA Youngboy.

Sherhonda gave birth to her daughter Teele in Louisianna and she lives with her parents. There are also rumours of her dating someone but it’s not clear whom she is dating.

Things To Know About Sherhonda’s Son, NBA Youngboy

So, now that we know about Sherhonda’s life, it’s time to take a short look at her popular son, NBA Youngboy’s life. NBA Youngboy aka Kentrell Desean Gaulden is popular in the US for being a rapper.

In fact, he has risen to fame in 2016. The 23-year-old rapper has earned a huge reputation for himself. So, talking about his education, he dropped out of school at the 9th grade.

Career Details Of Sherhonda

If you want to know about Sherhonda’s career details, then you are at the right place. So, according to the reports, the mother of NBA Youngboy, Sherhonda has also established herself as a rapper.

Even though she is as popular as her son, she has released a few songs under her name. Furthermore, she is also a stand-up comedian from the USA. So, as a stand-up comedian, she has done a few shows. In addition, Gaulden is also famous as a social media celebrity.

Sherhonda’s Songs

So, as we mentioned earlier, Sherhonda is also a rapper just like her son. In the year 2013, she released a song called “2 Could Play That Game“. This song of Sherhonda has become viral now on Tiktok now.

So, in this song, Sherhonda and her friend could be seen rapping over ASAP Rocky’s hit F****** Problems”. In addition, she has also shared a video on Tiktok that imitates Buss It Challenge.

Social Media & Other Details

If you wish to follow Sherhonda on social media, then let us tell you that she is popular and active on Instagram where she has more than 90k followers. In addition, she also has a YouTube channel.

So, on her YouTube channel, she uploaded a rap song, featuring her daughter Teele, titled Sherhonda Gaulden Ft. Teelee Voodoo”.


  • Who Is Sherhonda Gaulden?

Sherhonda Gaulden is famous for being a US celebrity, rapper, and stand-up comedian, and also as the mother of the US rapper, NBA Youngboy.

  • How Old Is Sherhonda Gaulden?

Based on Sherhonda’s birthdate, which is 9 October 1974, we can say that she is 48 years old presently.

  • What Is Sherhonda Gaulden Net Worth?

Sherhonda Gaulden Net worth as of 2023 is 500k USD.

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