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Nita Shilimkar: Everything That Is There To Know About The Internet Personality

Nita Shilimkar is a 28-year-old social media personality who has become a fan-favourite in a short span. She is one of the most significant YouTubers and social media motivators.

The topic of videos are mostly comedic which mostly feature her boyfriend. All her videos gained traction on the social media platform making her famous.

In case you want to know more about Shilimkar, this is the article you should be reading. Today we bring you everything that there is to know about Nita and some more.

Who is Nita Shilimkar?

Who is Nita Shilimkar

Nita Shilimkar is a social media personality who rose to fame due to the content she used to post along with her boyfriend.

She is a YouTuber and a motivator who continues to influence people through her lifestyle and content in a satiric and funny way. Shilimkar used to post videos on Tiktok before the platform got banned.

Once the Tiktok fiasco took place, she went ahead and opened her channel on YouTube to continue her journey. Currently, she has millions of subscribers.

Once she shifted to YouTube to start her career as a professional YouTuber, she stopped appearing on the videos with her boyfriend. Moreover, many interviewed her regarding this topic, to which she replied that she wanted to focus on her profession.

She refrains from commenting further regarding her relationship with her boyfriend on any platform. Nita, a celebrated professional in the influencer realm, shares videos of travelling and vlogging with her best friend.

On TikTok, she had up to 8 million followers. However, after the ban, she decided to continue the journey on another platform. She had up to 800k subscribers on YouTube and 7 million followers on Instagram.

What is Nita’s age?

Nita Shilimkar

Born in 1995, April 5, Nita Shilimkar Age is 28 years old. She rose to prominence due to the comedic skits she used to perform on different social media platforms. One of the features that made her famous is the Song “Goli Maar De”.

Shilimkar’s Early Life:

Shimilkar is a rising social media celebrity who made it big on Tiktok. She is a fashion blogger, a professional model and an actress who is active on Instagram and YouTube as a professional vlogger.

She made it big by appearing in trending lip-sync videos and short video content. Additionally, Nita currently holds up to seven million Instagram followers and 800k YouTube subscribers. Currently, she appears on shows and song videos.

Born in Kerala, Nita always dreamt of making it big. Nita Shilimkar Birthday Date is 5th April 1995. She appreciated the southern culture, her roots and the heritage of Munnar through her skits.

However, she always wanted to make it in the glamorous world of showbiz. To make it happen, she travelled to the city of dreams, Mumbai.

Currently, she is popular for lip-syncing, difficulties and skits in her short content videos. She is very active on Instagram handles, YouTube, MOJ, Taka Tak, and other app handles.

Nita Shilimkar Family:

Nita Shilimkar with his family

We do not know anything about her parents as she has not revealed any information regarding who her mother and father are. But we do know that she loves them. She also has a brother. His name is Sagar Shilimkar.

She took her Instagram account to wish her father the best and that she wants him to have a beautiful and well-rested life. Nita also posted a picture of herself with her brother on Rakshabandhan.

Shimilkar’s Educational Background:

Although she wanted to pursue a career in showbiz, sources close to her have revealed that she was a good student. Her parents, whose identity remains unknown as she has not revealed to us any information about her parents, wanted her to complete her education.

Therefore, she completed her education at a private school. To have a rounded educational background, she applied to Mumbai University to get a college degree. She is a graduate with a remarkable background in education.

Nita Shimilkar’s Relationship:

Nita Shilimkar with Boyfriend


As far as the topic of Shimilkar’s relationship goes, we know that she has not married yet. Gurdeep Singh Rai is current Nita Shilimkar Boyfriend Name.

Although, she was in a serious relationship with Ajay Sudarshan. Due to some unknown reason, they decided to part ways amicably.

Moreover, many have tried to gain her views on the breakup with Gundu, but she remains neutral on the matter and does not answer.

Sources have also revealed that she was in a relationship with her said best friend Rohit Zinjurke. However, there is no hardcore evidence to claim whether they dated or not other than assumptions.

She used to make videos regarding traveling with her best friend Rohit. However, when she shifted to YouTube after the Tiktok ban, Rohit stopped appearing in her videos. The reason why they decided to split remains unknown to fans.

Currently, sources have revealed that she is dating Gurudeep Singh Rai. To make the matter of dating solid, she even appeared at Anjali Arora’s birthday with her new boyfriend Gurdeep Singh Rai. Whether this relationship will flower into a marriage or not remains to be known.

Physical Appearance:

Nita Shilimkar sit on chair

Nita Shilimkar is an attractive human being who is an avid follower of fashion. She went on to be a fashionista and showcased this lifestyle through her vlogging diaries. She is a fit person who makes sure that she remains healthy and leads a wholesome lifestyle.

As she is a model who tries to influence her followers positively, she has to maintain a healthy approach to maintaining her body. Nita’s height is 5 feet 4 inches.

In short, she is 164 cm or 1.64 m tall. Moreover, she weighs 52 kg. Her body measurement is 31-30-32. Her feet six is 7 (US).  She has dark brown eyes. In addition to this, she has black hair color which many fans may have noticed.

Although, as she is an avid fan of colouring her hair, she can be seen dying her hair into shades of brownish blonde pretty often.

Some Unknown Facts about Nita:

Nita Shilimkar

  • Many fans do not know that Nita loves animals. Although we do not know if she has pets of her own or not. But we have seen her cuddle animals before in many videos.
  • Many who have interacted with her have revealed that Nita is a kind person. She has time and again helped people in need.
  • Nita feels very passionately about photo shooting. So, she loves to hold a photoshoot session now and then.
  • She is a fitness freak who loves to take care of her body. Sources close to her have revealed that she goes to the gym daily.

Debuts in songs:

Shilimkar’s zeal to be in the showbiz industry paid off. Moreover, she appeared in many songs as a supporting character. The songs she appeared in are as follows,

  • Hawa Hawai from the movie called Tubelight.
  • She also appeared in songs such as Goli Maarde and Attitude.
  • She performed in the song called Bimariyan with her friend Rohit Zinjurke.

Net worth:

She is a YouTuber and a social media influencer who has made lakhs due to her involvement in the platforms. Her average monthly income is 5-10 Lakh INR. However, her estimated current net worth around 50 Lakhs INR.

Ending note:

Nita Shilimkar is one of the celebrated social media personalities who has earned our respect and love through her performance. Furthermore, Shimilkar is 28 years old and will continue to charm us through and through.

Favourite Names
Actor Shahid Kapoor and Salman Khan
Actress Kareena Kapoor and Disha Patami
Holiday destination USA
Food Dosa, pizza, biryani
Colour White, black and brown
Movie Titanic
Hobbies Dancing


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