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Jack Harlow Biography: Age, Wiki, Height, Weight, Family, Girlfriend, Career And More

A lot of people know Jack Harlow as a very famous US rapper. He is popular as a budding artist, and his song What’s Poppin has become viral on the TikTok social media platform. It’s trending on TikTok, and it has peaked at number 2 on the US Billboard Hot 100 as well. Moreover, we should also know that he is currently associated with Dj Drama and Don Cannon’s Generation Now.

So, if you want to note Jack’s Wiki, then let’s take a look right now.

Jack Harlow Wiki

As per the sources, Jack Harlow’s date of birth is 1998, 13th March. He is from Selbyville, Kentucky, USA. Moreover, we should note that his zodiac sign is Pisces. Well, Jack is someone who has a youthful personality. As a famous rapper, he has quickly become a social media sensation in no time.

Moreover, he has also garnered huge social media popularity, and now he also runs his own youtube channel with around 750k subscribers. His hit single Tyler Herro on his channel has also featured the famous NBA player Tyler Herro.

So, if you want to know more about Jack Harlow, then it’s time to go through this article. Here we will tell you everything that you need to know about Jack’s life. For instance, we will share his bio, age, height, weight, girlfriend, family, and all the other details you need to know. Moreover, we will also share his career and net worth with you. Therefore, if you want to know about Jack’s life in detail, then dig into this article and find out everything.

A Short Bio On Jack

A lot of people already know Jack Harlow as a famous rapper. However, there are a lot of people out there who don’t know that he is associated with Dj Drama and Don Cannon’s Generation now.

Moreover, he also has his own Youtube channel where he uploads his hit songs. Currently, his youtube channel has more than 750k subscribers with hit singles such as Tyler Herro. However, it is because of the song What’s Poppin that he has come under the spotlight.

Born in 1998, he is from Shelbyville, Kentucky, USA. Moreover, we should also note that he belongs to a wealthy family. The name of his parents is Maggie and Brian Harlow. They were both business tycoons and also ran their own businesses. They raised him on a horse farm in his hometown, along with his sibling, a brother, Clay.

There’s no doubt about the fact that since his childhood, he has always had an inclination toward music. That’s the reason why he even recorded his own songs and rhymes. As for his education, he went to Highland Middle school and thereafter to Atherton High School for his elementary studies. As per the sources, he didn’t go to any college because he solely focused on his musical career.

Jack’s Age

A lot of people want to know about Jack Harlow’s age. Well if you are one of them, then we should tell you that he is celebrating his birthday on 13th March. So, that’s why we can tell that as per his date of birth, which is 1998, 13th March, he is currently 24 years old as of 2022. Earlier, we mentioned that he is from Selbyville, Kentucky, USA. So, it’s really amazing that at the age of 24, he has become so famous as a rapper and musician.

Jack’s Height And Weight

The fact that he has become a celebrity, it’s true that he has a lot of fan following right now. People do see his pictures, so they want to know more about Jack. So, if you are someone who wants to know Jack’s height and weight, then let us tell you.

The famous US rapper Jack’s height is around 5ft 10inches, which is equivalent to 185 cm. Moreover, he weighs around 75 kilograms, which is 165 lbs in pounds. He looks attractive with his blue eyes and messy brown hair. One should also note that he has a slim and cool physique with body measurements reading 38-32-28.

Family Members Of Jack

Now that we know about Jack’s life let’s also talk about a few details concerning his family members. Well, we have already mentioned earlier that he has his parents, and they are both business tycoons.

As per the sources, the name of his parents is, as we said earlier, Maggie and Brian Harlow. They both love Jack a lot and have always supported him in his childhood. In fact, we should mention that they were the ones who encouraged Jack to pursue music.

Since his childhood, Jack has always loved music a lot. That’s why he even recorded songs and rhymes in his free time. Perhaps these things are the ones that made Jack’s parents feel that their son would do well in this industry. So, after completing his studies, he focused on his musical career wholeheartedly.

We should also mention that Jack Harlow is from a wealthy family because his parents run their own businesses. In addition, we should also note that Jack is not the only member of the family.

Rather, he has a sibling, a brother, in fact, whose name is Clay Harlow. There are no reports of his profession as of now, but it’s true that they do get along. Jack and Clay’s parents raised them in their hometown Shelbyville, Kentucky, USA.

Personal Life: Girlfriend Of Jack

There’s no doubt about the fact that Jack looks quite attractive. So, it’s quite natural for others to have a crush on him. Well, if you are one of them and want to know whether he has someone special in his life, then we have both good and bad news.

So, it’s true that he is unmarried right now, and there are no reports of him having someone in his life. However, it’s also true that there are no clear ways to know this fact. It’s because Jack doesn’t share a lot of details about his personal life or love life with the media. So, even if he has someone in his life, there are no ways to know that.

Career Details

Jack Harlow is a fascinating US rapper who made a lot of name for himself for his diligent and fabulous music pieces. So, as per the sources, he recorded and sold his single hits since his teenage years. Moreover, we should also note that in 2011, he released his first mixtape Extra Credit.

Thereafter, he also made his pro music career debut in the year 2105 with the debut EP ‘The Handsome Harlow’, under the record label sonaBLAST. Moreover, he also released his hit single Never Woulda known, a song that featured Johnny Spanish.

Later on, he founded his own music collective ‘Private Garden’ and released his third mixtape ‘18’. This mixtape contains hit songs such as Get Summ. Furthermore, Jack, under the Atlantic Records imprint label, released his next mixtape Loose.

However, it was in the year 2020 that he gained recognition the most, as he released his single ‘What’s Poppin’. Currently, this song has more than 100 million views, featuring Tory Lanez, DaBaby, and Lil Wayne.

Net Worth Of Jack Harlow

There’s no doubt about the fact that Jack has become a pro rapper in the US. With numerous hits and mixtapes, he has become quite a rich person. He lives a lavish lifestyle with his family as well. So, as per the sources, he enjoys a net worth of around 4-5 million USD.

Facts To Know

  • Jack Harlow owns a lot of luxurious cars like the Rubicon Jeep and Audi Mercedes.
  • In his childhood, Jack recorded a song over a Guitar hero mic and laptop and even turned them into CDs.
  • Jack, along with his school friend, have formed a Moose Gang collective and also made two mixtapes. However, he didn’t release it in public.

FAQs About Jack Harlow

  • What Is Jack Harlow’s Biggest Hit?

Jack’s biggest hit is his 2020’s song, What’s Poppin, featuring Tory Lanez, Lil Wayne, and DaBaby.

  • Does Jack Harlow Have A Kid?

No, he doesn’t have a kid.

  • Is Jack in a relationship?

No, Jack is not in a relationship right now.

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