A Noodle Shop In Taiwan’s Taipei Serves Ramen With A Unique Topping: 14-Legged Deep Sea Isopods

Unique Ramen Topping - 14-Legged Deep Sea Isopods

So, are you looking for some delicious ramen? It seems that Taiwan’s Taipei has something special in store for you.

So, according to the sources, a noodle shop in Taiwan’s Taipei region has introduced ramen bowls with a very special ingredient- 14-legged deep-sea isopods.

For those of you who don’t know about this, let us tell you that it’s a deep sea creature. In fact, pictures of this bizarre dish have been going viral on social media across the world now.

If you want to know more about this special ramen and the restaurant that serves it, then you are at the right place.

Check out this article and you will get all the info that you need to know about this story.

A Noodle Shop Is Selling A Special Ramen With Deep Sea Isopods

So, as we mentioned just now if you go to Taiwan’s Taipei, and look for a restaurant named Ramen Boy Noodle Bar, then you can get a taste of this unique ramen.

According to the reports, the restaurant Ramen Boy Noodle Bar is serving this exotic dish, a ramen with 14-legged deep sea isopods as toppings. So, this restaurant is located in Taipei’s Zhongshan district.

If you want to know more about it, then let us tell you some facts about the restaurant’s new dish. So, this Noodle Bar has announced this limited edition dish via a post on its Facebook page.

According to the post, the restaurant claimed that it had gotten this ‘dream ingredient! The enormous isopod is known as the big king pod.’

What Is This 14-Legged Creature?

Of course, if you just look at this dish, then it would seem quite bizarre. However, the question is, what’s so special about this dish? So, first of all, it’s worth noting that these 14-legged isopods are actually found 500 meters or even below the ocean’s surface.

Moreover, the specimens from Taipei’s ramen shop were fished in the surrounding waters of the Dongsha Islands, southwest of Kaohsiung City.

So, these deep-sea creatures are crustaceans and they are also related to woodlice. It’s worth noting that they can reach more than 30 cm from its head to tail.

How Does The ‘Topping’ Taste Like?

As we can pretty surely understand, this ramen dish from Taiwan’s Taipei has caused a huge rave on social media.

So, many people are looking forward to knowing details regarding the ‘taste’ of the 14-legged isopod ‘topping’.

In fact, it’s worth mentioning that the Noodle bar has already given a description of the taste as well as the method of eating it.

So, according to them, “It’s simple to handle, remove the intestines of the stomach sac; the glands can be kept for food. This time it is steamed. The white meat part tastes like lobster and crab.”

Moreover, they added, “The yellow glands taste like crab cream. The overall taste is unexpectedly sweet! The taste is more pink and loose.

Although not as solid as lobster and crab chewing, it is also super worth eating to understand your life achievements.”


Of course, the pictures of this unique dish have gone viral on the internet. So many people are willing to try this dish out, while others are absolutely creeped out by the ‘topping’.

In fact, it’s not weird to call this dish weird, because seeing a 14-legged deep sea creature as toppings for Ramen is not an usual sight. However, crazy things are just part and parcel of our life, and this is something that we have to accept as well.

Now, it’s not clear whether introducing such exotic isopods as Ramen ingredients can manage to boost the sales of the noodle bar or not. The fact that it has gone viral means that the publicity has worked pretty well.

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